Video Production and Video Marketing for Advanced Manufacturing & High Performance Engineering

Inspire, educate and sell through the power of video

At Oskie Films, our video production services provide the insight and experience to help your advanced manufacturing or high-performance engineering business inspire its customers, drive growth and build competitive advantage through the power of video marketing.

Based in Northamptonshire at the heart of the UK’s Motorsport Valley and the centre of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, we know how to bring technology to life; to craft compelling stories; communicate complex messages; and create the ‘wow’ factor that captures the essence of your business, its skills, people and products.

We work with advanced manufacturing and high-performance engineering companies of all sizes, from start-ups with modest budgets, to established corporations demanding the highest production values.

We know that success depends on a solid understanding of your technology and customers.

That’s why we take the time to understand your challenges and requirements. We then work with you to develop your unique story, with our creative, script and production team providing the ideas, insight and technical resources to ensure successful delivery of every video project – on time and within budget.

If your advanced manufacturing or high-performance engineering business has a story to tell, then get in touch with the experts. Call us today on 01327 317674.

“Oskie Films consistently deliver the highest quality of work and service. We are proud of our relationship with Oskie Films and consider them to be part of the team.”